Hi. I'm Vanessa.

I am determined to bring the ‘Human Element’ back into today’s Recruitment Process as I believe it has been lacking for too long now! I believe that people are the core building blocks of every business but that doesn’t mean that we can treat every ‘block’ the same. 

I have over 10 years’ experience in the Recruitment Industry and I have specialised in the IT Applications space for most of this time. Before starting my career in Recruitment, I taught unruly children in London; operated a chairlift in the USA and taught people to Scuba Dive in SE Asia.

I have recently decided to flex my entrepreneurial muscle and I have launched my own Sourcing Training Business. I am passionate about raising the standard of Sourcing in Africa so that we're up to speed with our global competitors. I also love presenting about Sourcing, career branding and sharing my knowledge, and experience, with others.

My mantra is “Life is too short to work in boring jobs….” The same attitude can be applied to the way I have lived my life and how I tackle each day.

When I am not in work mode, you will probably find me having a lekker braai with family & friends, preferably in the Bush or at the Beach 🙂 You are most welcome to connect with me on Twitter & Instagram too - @Van_Raath

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Applying through social media: Having your experience as "CEO of Jesus" or "I am in house skipping" (ACTUAL EXAMPLES), will result in your application being ignored. Also, don't respond to the recruiter saying: "okay dawg".
Rant over.

Cheers to the end of yet another successful week! I hope that you all had a great one too! #ginandtonic #friyay #lovewhatIdo


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