5 reasons to remove your cover letter

Five good reasons to stop sending a cover letter with your CV or resume Did you send a cover letter with your last CV? Was it aligned to the role that you were applying for?…

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Successful recruiter training with Vanessa Raath

What makes a Recruiter successful?

Five Characteristics that make a Recruiter more successful than their Peers In my experience, there is a scarce supply of successful Recruiters in South Africa. This is a difficult situation because the more consultants you have;…

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Why girls don’t code

Why aren’t there more girls who work in roles where they have to code? Girls don’t code. Is this a common misconception or is it a reality? How many females do you know who work…

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10 questions to check if you are attracting the best talent

Talent Attraction – are you doing this right? Here are 10 questions to check if you are A lot of Hiring Managers do not fully appreciate or understand, how scarce good talent is these days.…

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