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New job? Follow this guide to do your best

New year, new job, new you… if this applies to you, you’ll want to read on. We chatted to a recruiter and career coach to get advice on excelling in your new role.

Vanessa Raath is the head of talent acquisition for the iSPartners Group and co-founder of the Twitter conversation hashtag #JobAdviceSA. Candice Clark is the founder of the Candice Clark Collective, a career-coaching practice.

Those first crucial days

In managing the first 90 days of a new job, Raath advises to start as you would like to continue. She says first impressions really last, so make sure you are punctual when arriving at the office, attending meetings or going for lunch. Stay away from office politics, she recommends, and refrain from oversharing challenging personal experiences.

“Do not set a precedent of arriving at 6am and leaving at 6pm if this is not sustainable for you.” Clark concurs. “Time worked does not always equal results.” She says people care less about overtime if you meet your targets or KPI metrics within a normal working day. “Your first impressions should be focused on delivery, not necessarily extra time spent at the office.”

If you understand how your role helps fulfil bigger business objectives, Clark says, it will help keep you engaged when the going gets tough. “Secondly, have a deep understanding of your managers expectations of the role, and ensure you’re aligned on this,” Clark says. “Ask for your KPI scorecard if you need to. Your manager will be the one to judge your performance, so I really can’t stress enough how important alignment is on this.”

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