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Why candidate feedback matters

Many organisations are slack about providing candidate feedback… which puts you ahead of the game if you do! By providing feedback to your candidates throughout the recruitment process, you will not only strengthen your employer brand, but gain an edge over your competition.

Giving feedback to candidates throughout the recruitment process often falls by the wayside. Viewing things from a candidate’s perspective, it is understandably frustrating for them to be left in the dark waiting after initial contact or an interview.

Because many organisations tend to fall down in this area, this represents an excellent opportunity to stand out as an employer of choice. Demonstrating more empathy and consideration of candidates will put you ahead of competitors.

Vanessa Raath reporting for SourceCon explains a number of reasons why candidate feedback is critical. This article, aimed at recruiters, provides valuable advice that HR Directors could benefit from.

“If you are honest with your candidates and keep them updated throughout the interview process, even if the end result is not a favourable one, they will have enjoyed their journey with you.”

Unsuccessful candidates who demonstrate high potential should be channeled into your talent pipeline. Any opportunity for positive interactions with candidates, whether you offered them the role or not, will enable you to stay in touch with them and even consider them for other roles in the future. They may even contact you again in a few years time after they have gained more experience.

“It is much easier when top talent comes knocking on your door as opposed to having to go and headhunt these people.”

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