Keynote speaker and EmCee South Africa - Vanessa Raath

"Vanessa had me hanging on her every word. I love her down-to-earth style which makes her extremely approachable. Her wealth of knowledge is highly impressive and her eagerness to share this with her audience truly appreciated."
- Belinda C

Public speaking has always been a passion of mine. The comment on the left is from an attendee at a recent APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Org's) Conference where I was a keynote speaker. I love sharing my knowledge with others and collaborating with Recruiters from agencies or internal teams.

I have been fortunate to have been invited to present at several conferences. You are welcome to view my current Speaker Score to read some of the feedback that I have received from previous presentations. It does make for some entertaining reading. Can you pick out my dominant 'speaker personality' throughout all of my presentations?

Some of my Key Speaking and Emcee appearances:

SourceCon | Budapest | 2018

I was invited to join the Welcome Wagon which was a great way for me to meet people at this conference where I did not know another soul! I was the attendee from Africa! This was a great experience and I would love to be part of the Welcome Wagon team again. I am also very excited to be presenting a Keynote talk at the SourceCon Seattle event in March 2019. This will be my the highlight of my career as a Keynote Speaker to date.

DisruptHR | Johannesburg | 2018

Topic: Why would we want to work for you?

Click on the link above to watch the 5 minute video on my presentation.

Microsoft Women in Tech Community Night | Johannesburg | 2018

Topic: Wonderful Women in Tech #girlpower #diversityandtech #womenintech
I had so much fun doing this presentation at the Microsoft South Africa Headquarters. The feedback was fantastic too! Speaking at this event also opened the door for me to get more involved in the Women in Tech Community in South Africa. I am proud to be hosting and organising the January 2019 Women in Tech event.

APSO Conferences | Johannesburg & Durban | 2018

Topic: If you act like a robot, you will be replaced by a robot

I was asked to speak at both APSO Conferences held in Johannesburg in 2018. For the Annual Conference held in June, I was on a panel discussing the Future of Recruitment in South Africa. In the October Conference, I did a Keynote Presentation entitled "If you act like a robot, you will be replaced by a robot". This presentation was very well received in Johannesburg and Durban.

STEM Conference & Career Expo | Johannesburg | 2018

Topic: Finding employment asap after leaving tertiary education

I was approached to speak at this Conference to assist students leaving University, or other Tertiary Institutes, to find employment as soon as possible. I was asked to present on the lack of women in Technical Roles and how we can improve this going forward. It was great to collaborate with such a fantastic organisation. I look forward to collaborating with them again in 2019!

SQL Saturday | Microsoft SQL Community Event | Johannesburg | 2016 - 2018

Topic: How to become the most sought-after SQL Server professionals in SA

Are you underpaid? Would you like to know what a market-related salary is for your skill set? What are the most in-demand IT Developer profiles in the market today? Is your CV going to stand out from the guy sitting next to you? Come along to my presentation and we will have a look at what a market-related salary for you is; are you keeping your skills relevant for today’s needs and are you representing yourself well enough to stand out?

SharePoint Saturday | Microsoft SharePoint Community Events | Johannesburg & Cape Town | 2010 - 2017

Topic: SharePoint Career Planning: Know your worth.
We are going to be looking at the different Job Titles relating to SharePoint as far too many people are confused about what their key functions really are. We are also going to be looking at what your career journey within the SharePoint space looks like. Finally, we will be discovering where the most lucrative places (geographically, not company specific) are to work, in SharePoint, in South Africa. Can you afford to miss this session?

E-Recruitment Conference | Johannesburg | 2017

Topic: The changing role of recruitment companies in South Africa

  • Reducing cost through e-recruitment
  • Is this the beginning of the end for recruitment companies in South Africa?
  • Can systems really replace the expert advice of a professional recruitment company?
  • Technology, the effect on traditional recruitment agencies
  • How to be an out of the box thinker
  • How to use technology to look forward and take advantage of opportunities