Featured: SA’s Inspiring Women in Tech

Source: SME South Africa

I was part of a panel to pick the top 50 Women in IT to recognise the many accomplished, fierce and all-too-often overlooked women in technology who live and work in South Africa. 

The Search is On For SA’s Inspiring Women in Tech

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has launched an open call for nominations for “Inspiring South African Women” working in the different spheres of the technology and innovation sector.

Inspiring Fifty is a Dutch based non-profit organisation that showcases inspiring female role models in the technology industry in the Netherlands, France, Europe and the Nordics. Built on the core philosophy “If she can see it, she can be it”, Inspiring Fifty annually awards the 50 most inspiring women in the technology sector with the aim of providing a platform that brings more visibility to the achievements of women in the innovation and technology sector.

Inspiring Fifty has now partnered with the Kingdom of the Netherlands to launch the initiative on the African continent, creating the first platform of inspiring women in technology outside Europe.

“The African tech ecosystem is growing exponentially. This is re-shaping the South African economy as technology and innovation are leapfrogging beyond established technology, ideas, and infrastructure. The instrumental role played by women in this sector should be made more visible on a local and global level.

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