“Engagement has to be human, because people trust people more than brands.”

- Ana Alonso, Global Marketing Head Recruitment

Recruitment and Talent Attraction in Johannesburg with Vanessa Raath


The 'War for Talent' is over. The candidates won a few years ago. There is now a 'War for Talent Attraction'. What is your business doing to make sure that you stand out as an employer of choice? (Please watch my DisruptHR presentation to learn more about employer brand strategy)

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your story is better than your competitors' story. Why would people want to work for you? It really is not about who can pay the largest salaries these days, it's who can offer the best career path with great perks like flexible working hours or a work from home option. Not to mention a role where people feel that they can add value.

I want to work with businesses who are keen to use their existing brand ambassadors to spread the word about how great their business is to work for. We need to share your achievements, across several social media platforms and be a company that talented people are attracted to.

Speak to me about Talent Attraction and your options to implement a strong Employee Brand Strategy in your workplace.